A day in the life with a 5 month old…

For the last 5 months life has been a bit hectic, but lately I feel like it`s been calming down a lot.

Part of it I think, is this routine, part of it I think is just Cece getting older.

Also, I love hearing about other peoples routines, either in a blog or video format, so I thought, maybe, you would like to read about mine as well.



My morning actually starts quite late comparing to other mums probably and this is only because of my amazing husband.

Cece usually wakes up pretty early for food but as my husband is getting up to go to work anyway, he takes care of her in those early hours so my morning properly starts between 8:30 and 9:30, whenever Cece decides to wake up for the day.

Sometimes, she will wake up earlier and just be okay chilling in her crib, having the “morning brief” with her stuffed animals, while I am still in my bedroom either snoozing or browsing through my phone.

When she starts to get a bit restless, I will go into her room, give her morning kisses, change her nappy and bring her back to my room for more cuddles.



We head down into the kitchen.

I put Cece into her bouncy chair and give her toys.

While she is happy doing that, I will make her a bottle, warm lemon water for myself and if she is still happy doing whatever, I will also unload the dishwasher and put load any new dirty dishes in there, such as dirty bottles from the night/morning, husbands coffee cup etc.


We will then go into the lounge and I will turn on the TV – I am not going to sugar coat this routine and say, no I NEVER put on the TV.

Usually it is going to be something Disney, on this particular morning, we were watching The Lion King, which Cece loves.

I will feed her and sip on my own lemon water.

This does not happen every morning, but I do try and have some water before anything else, I try and have lemon water most mornings, but if I do not have any lemons, I will just drink regular water.

Doing this just helps to protect my stomach from coffee, which I will have every single morning.

How I make my lemon water:

I squeeze a half a lemon into a cup with some cold water, then add boiled, hot water, to make more of a lukewarm beverage and then I will have this through a stainless steel straw, to protect my teeth from the acid in lemon.



Cece is going to get sleepy, recently I have been trying to keep her awake for a bit longer before her naps, as she is getting older.

So around this time I will try and put her down for her, in my eyes, first nap of the day.

We go into her room, I change her nappy, close the blinds and hope that she goes down easy.

Recently she doesn`t, but I`m sure it`s just because she is going through a leap.

I can do another post about baby development leaps and what we have learned in the past 5 months!



Her naps can go wherever between half and hour to forty five minutes, to an hour.

I always hope that she will sleep for about an hour or more, just so I can have some time to myself.

Usually at this time I will make my first cup of coffee and breakfast.

As some of you may know, we were on the KETO diet for a little bit, which means that your diet will be a lot of fats, moderate protein and little to no carbs.

While being on the diet, usually I would either do a fast until lunch or have scrambled eggs, bacon and avocado for breakfast.

Now we are not doing KETO anymore, my breakfast options are wide open.

I will either have a green juice or smoothie, or porridge, or a bagel.

It really depends on how hungry I am and also if I am craving sweet or savoury.

Hopefully Cece sleeps while I make and eat my breakfast and maybe even do some work.



Cece wakes up around now or even a bit earlier.

Once again, I let her chill in her crib, while she is happy and watch her on the baby camera, to see what she is up to.

Next I will go into her room, change her nappy and change her out of her pyjamas.

Sometimes, we both will have pyjamas days, we are lazy too!

After getting her changed, I will change into some workout clothes, make all the beds, open windows to let some fresh air in, even when it`s cold.

Then we will both go into the bathroom, I will brush my teeth and then wash both of our faces.

I try and get her used to these things so when she gets older, she already knows what to do in the mornings.



As we are a family of 3 now, I do so much more washing than ever before, so I put on a load or two of washing.

Make Cece a bottle, make myself another cup of coffee as a pre-workout.

Then, because, Cece is not hungry yet, I will put her on her play mat, roll out my workout mat next to her and do my quick workout.

After that I will feed her and if the weather is decent, we will go out for a walk before her next nap.

I used to take her out for a walk around her nap time, so she could sleep while we are outside, but as she got older,she also got more curious of her surroundings and wouldn`t fall asleep for a long time, and then only sleep for a little bit.

After that had been happening for a while, I decided to take her out BEFORE her nap and then put her down as soon as we get home.



Walk time, I try and walk for around an hour so she doesn`t get too tired and will sleep as soon as we get home.

I usually try and do a fast pace walk to get my heart rate up.

Also, instead of listening to music, I like to listen to podcasts.

Recently I finished all of the episodes of the podcast “Couples Therapy”. This is a podcast that Casey Neistat and his wife Candice Pool do.

They basically talk about their relationship and then answer some questions as well, I really enjoyed it and hope they come out with new episodes soon.

After finishing that I have started “Don`t Blame Me” with Meghan Rienks.

She answers questions that people call in with. She does that with humour and I love her personality so much, one episode is about an hour long so perfect for a walk.



As soon as we get home, Cece is so tired, I quickly change her nappy and put her down for a nap.

I will either have a shower if the walk was extra sweaty, or I will have lunch.

If it`s a good day, I will do both.

After shower and lunch, it`s time to start cooking up a blog post and maybe start dinner, if it is a slow cooker recipe.



Baby will wake up, once again babbling.

That is followed with nappy change and then we head down for lunch.



As Cece is 5 months, we are introducing more solids in her diet.

Once a day I will give her either vegetables or fruit puree.

While I am getting everything ready for her, I put Cece in her booster seat, put her bib on and give her a half of a Farley Rusk, just to kind of snack on/keep her occupied.

Then I will give her some food, which she loves so much, a real daddy`s girl.

After she is done with food, while she is still happy in her seat, I will tidy everything up and make my third coffee of the day and will have a snack of dried fruit and nuts, sometimes something sweet.



If Cece can stay up for this long, we will play, do tummy time, sing along nursery rhymes, dance and do other fun stuff.

She will also have another bottle and nappy change.

This is the time before her last nap of the day, before she goes down for the night.

Once again, this is an ideal day, where everything goes to plan, but sometimes almost none of this will be the same.

Also, Wednesdays and weekends and different, because my husband works from home on Wednesdays to help out and then he has weekends off so we can spend some quality family time.



This is Cece`s last nap of the day, so it`s usually pretty short as she needs to get up and get tired again, before she goes down for the night.




Best time of the day, as I get adult contact and also he takes over so I can have some time to myself.

He gets his daddy daughter time and I get time to breathe, especially on those days when she has been a nightmare.

At this time, they will play, bond and then daddy will give Cece her dinner, which is baby porridge.

We do this as a part of her night routine, to fill her up a little bit, before she goes down for the night.

While my husband is feeding her, I will make her bath.

Recently, she has been having some dry skin and a bit of drool rash so we have been taking extra care of her skin.



This is the time when I go downstairs and have time to myself, browse my phone, maybe catch up on youtube.

In the meantime, my husband bathes Cece and gets her ready for bed.

I will bring up another bottle for her to have right before bed and she will go down for the night.



After putting Cece to bed, my husband will have his workout and then have a shower.

While he is doing all of that, I will finish dinner and tidy up anything for the day.

Then we will have dinner and catch up with each other, what has happened through the day.

Recently we have been really trying to be more present with each other.

It is so hard to find time for each other now when we have a baby, so we have to work extra on our relationship.

After dinner we will either catch up on our shows or play a board  game.

Sometimes we will just talk and spend some quality time together.



We will finish up with everything downstairs, put the dishwasher on and make Cece a bottle for her “dream” feed.

A “dream” feed is when you don`t wake up your baby, but you feed them while they are asleep.

We do this, so Cece sleeps for longer during the night.

If we skip this step, she will wake up at 1 or 3 or both, extremely hungry.

Whenever we do the “dream” feed, she will sleep until 5 or 6, sometimes even 7.

While my husband is doing that, sometimes I will feed her, but usually it`s him, I will brush my teeth, do my evening skincare and get ready for bed.

If we are not crazy tired yet, we will either talk or do a crossword.

Sometimes, we just like to be on our phones, but we are really trying not to be on them right before bed.

That is more for me as I have trouble falling asleep.



This is how my ideal day looks with a 5 month old.

Sometimes, I don`t feel the best, so I will take a nap as well.

Sometimes, we nap together.

If it`s bad weather, we won`t go out for a walk.

And as I said before, on Wednesdays my husband works from home, so the day looks different as well.

On weekends, we either do something as a family or do some chores around the house.



I am always so curious to know what people are doing with their day, so hopefully this was interesting for you to read as well, comment down below if your daily routine looks anything like this!




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