Beauty products I regret buying.

As I don`t wear makeup nearly as much as I did before having a baby, I recently had a massive makeup and other beauty product clear out.

Whether it was because I was just not using them or they had gone off.

Before I ever buy anything, I am the kind of person who likes to do their research.

Well, I like to do research about anything, even before I go out for a meal, I`ll find the restaurants menu online and pick what I will eat ( crazy, I know).

So that being said, I very rarely buy beauty products that are bad, but you`ll never know until you try them.


As I did my beauty clear out, I did find some items that were a complete waste of my time, going from makeup to skincare.



I think that probably, for most people, one of the hardest things about makeup is finding the right foundation shade.

You can sort of try and match the shade in the store but the lighting is always bad, you should not match it on your hand as it is not the same colour as your face.

It is pretty hard to do this, even now, if I am perfectly honest.

This situation applies more in the drugstore as for more high end foundations, someone should be able to colour match you.

But again, ALWAYS check the match afterwards yourself.

You have been looking at your face for longer than the person colour matching your foundation, so you know what will be the best.

But even if you find the perfect shade, the formulation of the product might not work for you.

These foundations DID NOT work for me in the slightest.


1.L`Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream

No, just no.

With this foundation, nothing worked for me at all.

I was really looking forward to using this as I had read a good review but man oh man was this bad.

First of all, the colour was orange. It looked like I had a really bad spray tan.

Second, it was so patchy and dry on my skin.

Third, the product claims to give glow to your skin, but it was extremely matte.

As I am a firm believer of getting your moneys worth,  I tried different things to make this work – as you`ll see, I did with all of the products that did not work.

I tried adding some moisturiser to make the shade lighter and the formula a bit more hydrating, but that did not work.

Also applied the foundation, several times with different methods, with just my clean fingers, with a beauty blender and with a brush, but nothing worked.

The orange tones were still there as well as the patchiness.

If I even TRIED to apply any bronzer or blush, the product would rub off the places, where I was blending out the contour.

Mimics the texture and glow of perfect bare skin.

Discover L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream – a new make-up sensation that helps to recreate the texture and glow of perfect nude looking skin.

Beyond make-up, L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream Bare Skin Beautifier SPF 20 is the ultimate all-in-one perfecting cream. A feather-light hydrator which transforms on contact with skin, releasing smart pigment capsules to correct tone, cover imperfections and refine skin texture.

With up to 24 hour hydration and SPF 20, you can have all the benefits of skin care with the perfecting properties of make-up.

The result: Flawless and dewy looking complexion, weightless bare skin sensation. A perfect nude skin look.

This is the description I found about the foundation.

I don`t know, maybe I got a bad batch or something. Comment below if you have had this product and did not have any issues.

Even now, when I am writing this, I googled some review pictures with product and they are bad. Maybe I am just being high maintenance and don`t like to look orange, but I would not recommend this foundation.


2. L`Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation


One word to describe this product.

Where to even begin with this one.

I had bought this for a Christmas party a couple of years ago.

It needed to stay on for a long time, so as it says that it will last 24h, that already had my attention.

As the shade choice was not the largest, again, it seemed to be fine as I was quite pale at the time.

Also, I like to be a bit more matte in winter if I don`t have a tan on, so the fact that it stated to be a matte foundation seemed great as well.


Let`s start with my first issue.

There were only 5 shades available, after googling the product now, it looks like there are more than just 5 shades but still, most retailers will only offer 5 shades.

As I was quite pale, I picked the shade colour VANILLA 11, which isn`t even the lightest shade.


I was extremely pale.

Second, it was not matte at all. It was so shiny and when I applied powder to take the shine away, I just looked so incredibly cakey.

It was also very, very full coverage, which is not the worst thing in the world, especially if you don`t have the best skin and you want to look flawless.

After adjusting a few things so it doesn`t look like I am wearing a mask, I did go out with the foundation on believe it or not and guess what? IT DID NOT STAY ON!

And when I say this, I don`t mean, the foundation just evaporated, by saying this, I mean, my contour had slid everywhere.

Wasn`t a good look, to be honest.

So none of the things they were offering worked.

This is the product description on the website:

Introducing New Infallible 24HR Matte Foundation by L’Oreal Paris. A matte result that lasts up to 24 hours. Clinically proven; waterproof, steamproof. All the comfort, none of the shine. Perfect coverage. No Cakey effect. Easy to apply, enriched with perlite technology, and reduces the appearance of shine up to 24 hours.

Soooo, the only thing that I have to agree on is the “perfect coverage” claim, if you like your skin not to look like your skin.


3.Bourjois City Radiance Foundation

This is an odd one.

I love this for a few years, so as a result, I repurchased this time after time but the last one that I bought, I don`t know.

Maybe they changed the formulation, maybe my skin changed, maybe I had a bad batch, but either way, this was not good.

The ultimate product for the city girl. Our City Radiance foundation is a real multi-tasker, giving you a fresh, luminous complexion as well as a protective barrier against pollution. With SPF 30 too, this luminizing foundation couldn’t be any better for your skin.
How do we do this? Available in 6 shades, our City Radiance foundation contains a unique formula which reduces the presence of carbon particles on the skin, creating an anti-pollution screen to help keep your skin protected from the downsides of city life. This, combined with our nourishing formula which keeps skin hydrated for 24 hours helps to give you a fresh and luminous complexion as well as a gorgeous light to medium coverage foundation.

It says on the description, that it is available in 6 shades but most places they only offer 5.

This was one of those products, that was a good colour match once a year and then the rest of the year I would mix it with other shades or foundations.

It did give me that fresh. luminous skin but only for a little bit as the foundation started to move all over my face soon after.

One of the things that a foundation should NOT do is set in fine lines and crevices.

The last time I wore it, I looked like I had done a triathlon, all sweaty and wet at the same time, even though in reality, I was just at home doing nothing.

Maybe I will give this a second chance but at the meantime, it`s in the bin.

Let`s move on from your base makeup to your eye makeup and eyebrows.


4.Rimmel Mascaras

No Rimmel mascara has ever, EVER worked for me.

And trust me, I have tried a lot.

Firstly, almost all of the brushes are way too big and I don`t have the smallest eyes and the shortest lashes, I would say they are pretty average, so who do these brushes work on?

Some of the actual formulation is not bad, I have even taken a different wand, dipped it in the mascara and applied it that way, which worked, but if you are paying money for a product, you should not be changing out the wands every time you want to apply mascara.

Second, maybe this is good for someone, not me, but the waterproof ones are SUPER waterproof, to the point where I use a cleanser and micellar water and it still does not come off.

I hate having any makeup residue on my face so this was not ideal for me at all.

If you have read any of my previous blog posts you know, that I only look for 2 things in a mascara and with Rimmel mascaras, I haven`t found a mascara, that offers me both.


5. Maybelline Colour Tattoo

I have a love/hate relationship with this product as this does look amazing.


It dries out so quickly.

Over the years I have had many of these and they all do the same thing, start out really nice and creamy, but then start drying out and gets very difficult to apply.

It retails for £5.99, which is not the worst but it is only one pot of eyeshadow, which dries out really fast.

Even thought the colour pay off is incredible, I would rather invest in a good eyeshadow primer and use a different palette of eyeshadow, or even just spray some setting spray on a brush before you apply eyeshadow to give it a more intense look.

With these kinds of products you want to avoid leaving the pot open for long periods of time and flip it upside down while you are using it so no air gets to it.

But even doing all of these things, these eyeshadows still dry out,

So I won`t be buying these again, anytime soon.

6. Clear brow gel.

I wish, I wish, that I could find the right clear brow gel but none of the ones that I have tried, I liked.

They all have the exact same problem.

All of them make my eyebrows look so crusty and even flake off some of the product.

You know how sometimes, you don`t want to fill in your eyebrows, just tame them a little bit, that is why I need a clear brow gel.

I have tried the following brands:

  • Pixi X Petra
  • Elf
  • Rimmel
  • NYX
  • Wet N Wild
  • Maybelline

And all of them have either left my eyebrows crusty or flaky.


With my skin being acne prone, I am very careful with the products that I use, so when my skin freaks out from a product, I am done for life with them.

Sounds a bit dramatic?

If you ever have had bad acne or even cystic acne, you`ll understand that you don`t want to anger your skin even more.

Listed below are either the products that broke me out even more or I just didn`t feel like spending the money on.


1.Balance Me

I have tried multiple products from this brand over the space of a year.

It is a very natural, good skin care line but for some reason my skin HATES it.

Every time, I used ANYTHING from them, made my skin break out in the biggest spots of my life.

There must be something in common in all of the products that I used, that makes my skin freak out.

I have tried:

  • Eye cream – made my under eyes dry and had little spots
  • Pure skin face wash – in a day broke out my skin in almost cyst like acne
  • Micellar water – made my skin all tingly, red and felt like it was on fire
  • Instant lift primer – thought it was fine, until I took off my makeup and noticed little, red spots all over my face that turned into AGAIN cyst like acne in the morning

My skin is not sensitive in any way, but it hates these products like crazy.

I wanted to like them, that is why I tried so many, but I think now I am super sure that these products are not compatible with my skin.


2 & 3. L`Oreal Micellar Water, Nivea MicellAir Water

Neither of these I would buy again, because it is just not worth the money, even when it`s on offer.

I am not very picky when it comes to micellar water, but what I look for in this product is the fact that I don`t need to rinse my face afterwards.

Both of these products leave a greasy residue on my skin that I feel like I need to wash off after.

Also the Nivea one, even though claims to be sensitive, stung my eyes.

So if you are looking for a good micellar water, just stick with the Garnier one for a cheaper option or Bioderma is always a good option, but a bit more pricey. For bit more skin care try the Eucerin one as it is sort of a pharmacy brand.


4. Tea Tree&Witch Hazel Toner

Any other product from this line I LOVE and my skin loves as well.

Tea tree and witch hazel both are really good for drying out spots, but you do have to be careful not to dry out your skin too much.

When trying this toner I was so open minded as I had loved everything else from the line, but after applying this to my skin it just felt like it was on fire, which tea tree might do but it should stop after a little bit, this didn`t and it got to a point where I just had to wash my face to get the product off.

It dried out my skin so much, where I even had a dry patch on my jaw line, almost like a burn, but not really.

Again, anything else from this line I would recommend, except this toner.


After reading this, once again remember, that just because these things did not work for my skin does not mean it won`t work for yours.

You might be using these products already and loving them.

But if you are on the lookout for some new makeup and beauty, just keep this post in mind when going shopping.



If you would like to see more post like this, where I try new beauty products and review them, comment below or send me a message on any of my social media.

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