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November favourites

As it is the last day of November, it is only fitting that I talk about, what I have been loving this month.

I will be covering: makeup, skincare, music, food, films, tv shows, books and random stuff that I`ve been loving.

Some of these things I have only discovered this month, others have been on my radar already, but I am still loving them.


Let`s start with makeup!

As I have been home most days as a new mummy, I have been loving either not wearing makeup at all or wearing just the basics.

If you read my skincare/makeup blog post (Click here) then you`ll already know some of these products.

1.L`Oreal True Match Concealer

I`ve been loving this concealer for a while now because of its light formula.

It is quite sheer, so best for those no makeup, makeup days or as a brightener over a more opaque concealer.

I use the colour 1N IVORY, which I think it`s the lightest shade that they do.

Also, I always try to use a concealer with yellow undertones as it works the best for my under eye colour.

Other colours that you may use before applying a brightening concealer, depending on your under eye colour are: purple, orange and peach.

Depending on your skin tone you would usually pick between pink or yellow undertones in makeup.

2. Maybelline Instant Conceal Eraser

This is another amazing concealer just with a bit more coverage.

I use this,again, in the shade LIGHT but for concealing any spots or blemishes, colour NEUTRALIZER is great as well, but I mean, just go with your natural skin tone for best results.

This one also helps with puffiness and fine lines, so if you find that you concealer always sits in those creases around or under your eyes, this might help.

Also, I love how easy it is to apply this, as the applicator is like a little sponge and isn`t a wet formula.

3. L`Oreal Paris CC cream 

On days when I want just a light layer of something + mask any redness, this is the perfect product.

It only comes in one shade as it adapts to your skin tone, although I will say, if you are very fair, this might me a bit too dark.

It`s SPF 20, which you know that I love, it kind of blurs your skin, if that makes sense, and makes it look more flawless. It`s also very hydrating and applies easily with your fingers.

4. Maybelline Mascara Push Up Angel

I am usually very particular about the mascara that I use.

It can`t be too wet, needs to be waterproof and it needs to have a bristle brush wand.

So when I ran out of my usual, I thought I would try this one.

When I got home and opened the tube, I`m not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed with the brush.

It was one of those very thin, silicone brushes that I usually hate.

I decided to give it a go, quite sceptical.

As soon as I applied the first coat, I was amazed. My lashes were so long and black, just how I like them.

The colour that I got is 006 VERY BLACK and I love it.

5.Red Velvet Lip


I wait for these shades all year and as soon as fall comes around I bust out my deep red and darker lip colours.

You can definitely wear a red lip in summer but not these shades in my opinion.

I love most of the Bonjour Rouge Velvet Lipstick shades, but my go to is the shade ITS REDDING MEN.

These are so creamy and feel so nice on the lip.

Long lasting, matte yet creamy.

What`s not to love?

These have been my staple for a few years now.


Now let`s move on to skincare!

Once again, because I am home most of the time, I am really trying to spend more time on skincare as your skin can look as good not wearing makeup as it would do, wearing it.

To be honest, over the years I have learnt to accept my skin for better and for worse and one of the top tips I can give for acne prone skin or even if you are just breaking out – LET YOUR SKIN BREATHE.

Don`t pile on makeup and don`t overdo it with masks and treatments either.

Just keep it clean, moisturised and bare.


1.Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

You have seen me talk about this before but this past month, with the weather getting colder, I have really been loving this cleanser.

Especially because I don`t either wear makeup, or I do just a little, it is the perfect daily face wash.

Gentle but hydrating.

It works for any skin type, doesn`t have a strong scent, comes in a generous size but you only need a little bit anyway.

Also, anything that you order from Glossier, comes in a little, cute pink pouch.

If you end up ordering this from the website(as it is the only way how you can get it in the UK or anywhere else but NY), I suggest you order a few things to get free shipping over £25.

If you would like me to write a post about what you should try from Glossier, let me know in the comments or on my social media.

2.Garnier Blackhead Scrub

I hadn`t used anything from Garnier since my teen years but when we went on our trip a few weeks ago, I got the biggest spot out of nowhere.

So I quickly grabbed this in a Sainsbury`s, just to see if it would help and it did!

I`ve been using it since, every other day, either as a face scrub or even as a mask.

For such a good price, it is quite decent. I am probably not going to buy it again when it`s done but for now I have been loving it.

3.Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask

I know, I know, I talk about this product in every post, but it is my Nr.1 product of all time.

It just makes your skin so soft and hydrated.

Perfect for overnight as it is the masks purpose but also if you only have 10-30 minutes it will plump up your skin and make it so glowy.

Another amazing use for this is to put it on your lips or if you have any dry patches anywhere else on your body. I sometimes get dry areas on my hands from the cold, so I just apply a small amount on those bits.

ALSO, it smells heavenly.

Now, let`s talk about music , films, tv shows and books!


I will just be listing, what I have been listening to this month, what films and shows I have watches and also a book that I have started to read.



  1. Christmas is Coming playlist on Spotify
  2. Raleigh Ritchie – Bloodsport`15
  3. Freya Ridings – Lost Without You
  4. Sigrid – High Five
  5. Zella Day – Man on the Moon


  1. Love Actually
  2. Surviving Christmas
  3. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


  1. Emma Willis Delivering Babies on W
  2. You`re The Worst on Comedy Central
  3. Fresh Off The Boat on Comedy Central
  4. The Office on Amazon Prime Video
  5. Louis Theroux`s Altered Stated on BBC2


  1. The Girl Before by JP Delaney


And lastly, random stuff that I have been loving!

These are just some random pieces like clothing or different items that have come into my life this past month.


1.Sloth Hot Water Bottle

My wonderful husband picked this up for me to help me either with cramps or back pain.

It is so cute, just a little sloth but it holds the warmth so well as well, it`s crazy.

2.Cozy Pink Jumper

This is not the exact one that I have but it is very similar.

Mine is a bit longer and more oversized.

My lovely sister got this for me and I have been wearing so much recently.

It is so cozy and warm, goes with everything from jeans to skirts, to even workout leggings.

3.Our cozy home Christmas decorations

We are spending our first Christmas in our first home with our baby daugther.

We got a beautiful fake tree from The Range as well as all of our other decorations.

This is my favourite part of the year and as it is Cece`s first Christmas, we wanted to make it extra special and I think we have succeeded.


These are all of the things that I loved this month, I hope you enjoyed it as I am going to do this on the last day of every month.

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