Baby must-haves & misses

I am sure as a new mum or even one who already has kids, it`s very easy to follow the hype of a product, but every baby is different, which means that if a product did work for one baby, it might not for another.

So here I am going to list all of the best and worse purchases that we have made so far.


Let`s start with all of the good stuff, but please remember, these items might not work for you, it does depend on you and your baby.

My baby must-haves:

1.  Tommee Tipee Perfect Prep Machine

This was such a game changer for making bottles.

If you know anything about making formula bottles for you baby, then you know how time consuming it can be.

You have to boil a fresh kettle every time, let it cool, add formula and hot water to you bottle and then let that cool until room temperature so it`s not too hot for you baby.

We have a VERY hungry baby, especially when she was tiny and would wake up for food every couple of hours day AND night. So to do all of these steps while your baby is screaming can be very frustrating.

We did this for a little bit, but when it was time for my husband to go back to work and I knew I would have to do this alone, the bottle making machine came into my radar.

What a lifesaver!

It makes the perfect temperature bottle in 2 MINUTES!!!

It is a bit pricey but we use it every single day for every single bottle. I don`t think you can put a price on your sanity can you?

If there was one baby product I would recommend to anyone who is formula feeding, this would be the one.

2. Dr Brown`s bottles

I had read about these bottles from the very start of my pregnancy.

Even if breastfeeding had been successful for me, I would still have used these for pumped milk.

What made me get these bottle were the anti colic and wind vents.

As always, you never really know how well a product will work until you try it.

Cece got colic around 4 or 5 weeks and we tried everything, even switching bottles to the Tommee Tipee ones, which to be honest, made it a little bit worse so we switched back and have been using the Dr Brown`s ones ever since.

She didn`t have horrible colic and it did stop at 3 months, which was amazing. I do still think that it was to do with the bottles so I am definitely re-purchasing these next time around.

3. Snooze Pod

Snuggle pod, baby nest, whatever you want to call it, it is amazing.

We got one from amazon to save a bit more money than if we had bought the sleepyhead or doc a tot. I am sure, they all work pretty much the same.

You can put this in your bed for safe baby co sleeping.

You can travel with it so your baby can sleep comfortably wherever.

You can put this in baby`s crib until they are ready to sleep in it on their own.

Basically, it is a wonderful, wonderful product.

The one that we have is slightly different than to the one linked above but it is from the same company and was around £50 when I bought it way back in summer.

It is suitable from 0-6 months but I have a feeling that Cece will outgrow this before six months.

After she is done with this one, I am definitely buying something very similar just in a bigger size.

The only downside to this particular one is that the cover is quite hard to remove for washing and then put it back on.

I`m not sure how easy it is for the other brands but I have seen that they have different covers that you can buy so it makes me think that it might be easier, as the one that we have don`t have any covers for purchase, just the one that it comes with. But for around £50 I will take it, as it has been amazing.

4.Nursing pillow

I bought this to help me hold Cece while feeding in case my arms would feel tired but soon enough this became an aid for people to hold her if they felt not as confident, and after that Cece has been using it to sleep when she was smaller or to help her sit up now when she is bigger. We also used it to help her with tummy time in the beginning.

It was under £10!!! The cover is easy to take off and wash.

I saw a lot of these pillows everywhere but for much higher prices.

You can definitely use this if you had a c-section to hold your baby, when feeding or just cuddling, to help keep the pressure away from the scar.

5. Play mat

When I was still pregnant and buying stuff for my baby, I was so adamant for my house not to look like a clown has thrown up, so I thought I will just buy all nice, monochrome stuff and it will look so good.

But babies do need colour.

I know they don`t see it at the beginning but as they grow up, the bright colours really help them to develop.

My friend had this play mat from Fisher Price and I thought it was such a cute idea, so when I realised Cece is not really enjoying her grey and white play mat I got her this instead.


The minute I put her on the play mat she was making sounds and being so active on it, looking at everything and trying to reach all of the different toys.

Another good thing about this is that when they are doing tummy time, you can still add the hanging toys on the mat in front of them.

As your baby starts to be more active and rolls, you don`t have to be so paranoid that they will fall off somewhere and hurt themselves as you can put this on the floor with nothing around it.

The piano bit is a bit annoying but you can always turn it off.

6.Baby Bath Support

This is one of the two amazing products from Angelcare that we absolutely love.

It`s a baby bath support that you can either put in your bathtub or shower to help your baby be secure while you give them a bath.

I know there are a lot of baby baths out there but this one caught my eye because of the netting that goes throughout the bath and lets your baby sit in water while, still being safe.

We have been using this since giving Cece her first bath and it has been amazing.

Easy to use, not too big and most of all it is safe and easy to clean. And Cece loves it too as she is having her bath.

We got in on sale for £15, the original price is £19.99 which is still not the worst.

6.Nappy Disposal System

Or diaper genie, or whatever you want to call it.

It`s basically a bin, for used nappies, that traps the smell.

I mean, it`s great.

Especially for when Cece was still living in our bedroom, it`s nice not to have the room smell like dirty nappies, isn`t it?

We got it from Argos for an amazing deal.

I think it was £9 and came with 3 refills of the bag inserts. We have been using it since day one and still have one refill unopened.

You don`t really need this but I mean it is under £10 and works wonder so why not.

There are more expensive variations of this out there but this has been wonderful so far.

7.Car Seat Base

Once again, this has made our lives so much easier.

This basically is a base that goes in and stays in your car for the car seat which you then just click in and out.

Amazing right?

Now, there are other ones out there, but this was just compatible with our SilverCross car seat as well as it came in our travel system bundle.

It is great, very practical.

For her next car seat I do want to look into those 360 car bases where you click the car seat on the base and then twist it to look in whichever direction you want.

There are cheaper bases out there, as well as car seats themselves, this was just a part of the amazing travel system that my in-laws got for us to whom I am very grateful as it can be so insanely expensive.

8.Baby Seat Bouncer

This is a product that I love but I would not re-purchase it.

It has been great, still is.

It was a good price.

The only thing missing is that I would have loved if it did swing as well.

It vibrates and plays music, which to some it might be enough but with our baby, especially when she was tiny, I did really miss the swinging function.

I mean I still absolutely love it.

You strap your baby in the bouncer, put on the vibrations, turn on the music, even comes with toys and your baby is set while you do what you need to do.

Even now, at almost 5 months, she still fits in it and while being so extremely wriggly, she has not fallen out of it.

Good thing to have to keep an eye on your baby while doing day to day tasks, like having a shower or making a meal.

9.Baby Carrier

Now, this is a new addition but used so much already.

We did/do have a baby wrap, but it just did not work for us, I`ll talk more about that on the misses.

This one is so incredible because, it`s very easy to use by yourself, without someone`s help, it adjusts to the the size of your baby and the most important part is that it has great back support, which for me is incredible as I still suffer from back pains.

The most important thing for us though, when looking to buy a carrier, was for Cece to be comfortable in it and not cry, which this one is perfect for.

10.White Noise Machine

Fairly early on, we discovered that our baby LOVES white noise. No, not the weird frequency sound but more like rain, or wind in the trees, waves and stuff.

So we found an amazing 10h video on youtube that just puts her to sleep almost straight away, but when your baby is down for a nap, you kind of want your phone with you, so you can check social media or whatever before they wake up again.

I went on amazon and found this amazing white noise machine, that works with either batteries or plugged into the wall, AMAZING!

It has a bunch of different sounds on it and even 3 timer settings.

It`s small but loud, perfect to travel with, because you don`t necessarily need to have a power source as it has batteries as well.


The list could go on, but let`s move on to the not so useful baby things that we bought.

Once again, just because these did not work for us, does not mean, that they won`t work for you.


 My baby misses:

1.Grey Playmat

I know it looks aesthetically pleasing to have this in your home but it did nothing for our baby girl.

First of all, it was quite small for her. Now, she is a tall baby and this could work for smaller ones, but it just did not work for us.

The toys hanging above her, because they are grey, did not raise her attention to them, at all.

Also because of the cushion type material, it did attract quite a lot of lint and dust from the floor. I guess, you could put this on another blanket or something, and it also is washing machine safe, but just for some reason it looked dirty, all the time.

It was a good thought to begin with but just didn`t really work for us.

2.   Baby Wrap

This item, as well as the other ones mentioned on the misses list, again, is not a bad product, it just didn`t work for us and our baby.

When Cece was born, it was around +30 degrees Celsius and for the first two months of her life, she almost did not wear clothes at all, just her nappy.

So a wrap like this, designed more for newborns, in my opinion did not really work for us, because even though it is made from cotton and is breathable, it was still bloody boiling.

Not only for her, but also for me and my husband.

Second thing, my back still hurts everyday and this wrap doesn`t really give you the BEST back support. Now, I might have been putting it on wrong or something, but it would just leave me in more pain, because of all of the pressure.

Another thing was, it is quite time consuming to assemble.

When you get used to it, it is not the worse but it is also not as quick as the other baby carrier that we now have, where you can literally put your baby in, in seconds.

3.Second Baby Changing Mat

This one wasn`t a total miss, because we still use it occasionally.

The first weeks after having our baby, we spent most of our time, downstairs in the lounge as it is where the TV is, it`s closer to the kitchen and also, it was much cooler than upstairs of our house.

So we decided that, because we are spending so much time down here, we would make a second baby changing station here.

This was not necessary at all.

It was just pure laziness and trying to make our lives easier.

We haven`t changes Cece`s nappies down here in such a long time.

Although, the second changing mat was just laying around for a while, I have now found a use for it and it is to take it with us when we travel. Whether it is just going to the in-laws for the weekend or somewhere else, it comes in handy.

Our diaper bag does come with a travel changing mat but I think, when you are somewhere for longer than the day, it is nice, to have a little bit more support.

So this product wasn`t a bad miss, it was just not necessary.

4.Moses Basket

This was a beautiful product that I bought for Cece to sleep in our room until she was  6 months old.

But at 6 weeks she had outgrown it.

It is meant from 0 to 6 months and a lot of babies probably sleep in it for that long, but by 6 weeks Cece could not psychically sleep in it any longer so sadly we had to move her in her own room in the crib.

I did love this moses basket as it was so nice looking, good quality, easy to assemble and also was easy to rock Cece in.

But the fact that she was too big for it by 6 weeks, puts this item on my miss list.

Next time, to prolong the time that the baby will sleep in our room , I will invest in a bigger co-sleeper type of bed, like the Chicco Next 2 Me or Arms Reach.

The Arms Reach one apparently holds a baby up to 23 POUNDS! which is approximately 10,4KG. That is amazing.

5. Sleeping Bag

It is out of stock on the website, but this is the exact one, we got for Cece over summer, as it is 1.5 TOG it was perfect for when it was hotter.

This item is only in this list at the moment, because Cece is being a little tyke.

I am sure we are going to go back to using these, but when talking to my husband about this he said to tell everyone not to buy too many of them, just in case their babies go through a phase just like Cece is going through at the moment.

So everyone(hopefully) knows that you shouldn`t have anything loose around your baby when they are sleeping because they can pull it over their face.

If you want to read more about this, read this article Baby Sleep Safety .

Cece has been sleeping through the night since about 6 weeks old and she was very happy in her sleep bag, so we thought that was great.

She also sleeps with her dummy and then spits it out when not needed, but as she got older, she would fall asleep with her dummy or start falling asleep, rip her dummy out of her mouth and wake up.

Putting her down for naps or the night became a struggle and then she started waking up through the night, ALL THE TIME!!!

So I got the genius idea to swaddle her in a blanket.

We were advised not to swaddle her when she was born as it was so hot, but now when it is quite cold, we decided to give it a go.





Honestly, why did we wait so long to try this.

Everything was going great until she started to get out of the swaddle ( she is a very wriggly baby, even when she sleeps).

She started to wake up again during the night, so then one very, very early morning, at around 4 A.M. I ordered, velcro swaddling blankets.

She still gets out of them sometimes, but it is so much harder for her.


There weren`t that many misses that we bought which is amazing and maybe these things worked for you, but I just wanted to share this with any new or old parents, who might find this helpful


Also, my husband wanted me to mention NOT TO GET BABY MITTENS.

For us they were a bit useless because they keep falling off all the time, just put socks on their hands – an amazing tip I got from my friend!


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