My skincare routine + minimalistic makeup

As I am getting a bit older, I have been trying to take better care of my skin.

I have always had acne prone, more on the oily side skin type, so over the years I have figured out what are the best things for my skin.

Even though I have my skin under control most of the time, once a month it still breaks out.

I have two skincare routines: one for when I am going to be either home or just going out for a little bit and the second one is for when I need to apply a little bit of makeup.

So I don`t do this everyday, although I try to.

Some days I will wash my face with just water or even just wipe it with a baby wipe.

As I am a mummy now, I don`t have a lot of time in the mornings so I try and do this when my daughter is having her second nap of the day, after we have both had our breakfast ( AND COFFEE).


First step before I ever touch my face is to wash my hands. Now this is a thing that I have learned might break you out as you put bacteria on your skin. 5603f0a3-27e2-414a-8192-4f34c56a03b3

If you skip this step and you have some broken skin, you will get those areas more irritated.

Next I wet my face and use my Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser



This is a very gentle milky(as the name says) cleanser, that I like to especially use in the mornings as there is nothing really on my face. Even though it`s gentle, it would still take your make up off as well if you would use this in the evening.

After that, depending how my skin is (it`s almost that time of the month, so my skin isn`t the best) I will use a gentle exfoliator as well.


I used another one of my favourites Nuxe Aquabella Scrub. Which again is a very gentle product with micro beads to help exfoliate your skin.



So I don`t use this every morning but usually if I am going to be applying make up later, I`ll take this step just to make sure my skin is really nice and smooth.

This part will stay almost the same on a day to day basis, with the exception of using the scrub.

Next for my skincare routine, there are two different ways of how I will do it.

Some of the steps stay the same, then depending on the day I will add more products.

Routine Nr.1, when I am not going to be applying any makeup.

My priority for these days are hydration and taking care of any spots or blemishes.

First thing I do after washing my face no matter what is apply toner.

This help to bring back the pH balance to your skin after washing it.

This step is especially important if you have used a stronger cleanser.

My go to toner at the moment is the Caudalie Vinopure Toner .


It is slightly more on the pricier side but you need such a small amount, it will last you a long time. This is one of the products I will definitely re-purchase after it`s done.

I will usually let this sit on my skin for a couple of minutes, just to really sink in, before I move on to the next step.

The next two products I also use day and night, especially when my skin is acting up.

They are from the brand The Ordinary and these have been in my skincare routine since August.

First one that I use is the Hyaluronic Acid , which sort of re hydrates your skin and helps with signs of ageing.

Next one is Niacinamide+Zinc and this is great for getting oily skin under control yet helps with breakouts and blemishes.

If you click on either of the products, it will take you to the cult beauty page where you can read a more in-depth description. For this price it`s crazy not to order any of The Ordinary products just to try.


Next is sunscreen.

I apply this any season, even if I am not going to be leaving the house.

It is so, so important, not to skip this step as sun damage is something that your future self will not thank you for.

So, I have been struggling for years to find sunscreen that would not break me out.

I found that the  Simple Kind to Skin Moisturiser works wonders.

It`s SPF 30 and doesn`t break me out, what more can I want?


It doesn`t leave a greasy residue and does not have a white cast while taking pictures.


After that I will always put some sort of lip gloss or chap stick, just something to moisturise my crusty winter lips.

To give my skin even more hydration I will apply Origins Drink Up Intense Mask and leave it for the rest of the day.


And that`s it for just a day at home or if I just need to pop out for quick errands. Or even if I am not feeling like wearing make up, just want my skin to feel good.


Routine Nr.2, when I will be applying a little bit of makeup.


I will still wash and exfoliate my face, use my toner and sunscreen.

But after those steps, because I know I will be putting makeup under my eyes, I will apply some cooling under eye cream.

This one from Polaar is nice and cooling, especially in the mornings to de-puff your eyes. Also it supposedly helps to grow your eyelashes and eyebrows.


I haven`t noticed crazy growth in those but I do notice no bags after just a few minutes. And trust me, these eyes are really tired in the mornings.


Next I like to use some sort of cream highlight just on the high points of my face(cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow).


This just gives me a bit more dimension when I am not using any contour.

The one that I am using at the moment is from Winky Lux in the shade “LIT”.


Then if I have fake tan on I will apply some of the Vita Liberata body blur on my face as I don`t put any fake tan on there, it will make it not look so pale.

But as my tan had faded a lot by this point I just went ahead and put on my L`Oreal CC cream. The formula is green to begin with but then it blends it to your skin tone and masks any redness that you might have.


This also has SPF 20 in it, which if you combine this with the moisturiser will protect your face with SPF 50!!!

As this is my minimalist makeup, there are only 5 more steps left so bare with me.

Next I apply concealer under my eyes and on any other blemishes I want to cover.



For the last few months I have been using L`Oreal True Match  concealer. I didn`t like it at first because it felt too wet and didn`t really do anything for me. But once I played with it a bit more I figured out that once you put it on, leave it for a little bit to dry and then blend it out as it will stick better to your skin.

After I have concealed everything I wanted, next step is to put some powder under my eyes and on my t-zone.


I have been using Rimmel Stay Matte for absolute ages now.

It`s cheap, works amazing and has different shades as well as a transparent shade.

Maybe one day I will use something else but as far as I know, this is my go to everyday powder.


Next product was a brow game changer.


It`s a brow gel that fills in my eyebrows so perfectly every single time with no effort at all. I have to admit that my brows are in a pretty good shape already but this just makes them even better.

The product that I am raving about is the Glossier Boy Brow.

I absolutely love it and will definitely buy it again and again.

Two last steps are to curl my eyelashes and apply some lip balm.

On days when I wear makeup I like to apply some tinted lip balm to give my face some colour.


I have been loving the Arrow Boost  lip colour enhancing lip balm.

It`s basically a clear lip balm that changes colour when you apply it. It also has a minty tingle to it which I love.

This makeup takes me under 10 minutes and is very time and mummy friendly.


There it is, my “no makeup, makeup” look.

Sometimes if I am feeling a bit more frisky I will apply some mascara or bronzer, but on a daily basis this is enough.


For any of the products mentioned, click on the name which will then lead you to the product itself, where you can read more about them!




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