A day in the life with a 5 month old…

For the last 5 months life has been a bit hectic, but lately I feel like it`s been calming down a lot. Part of it I think, is this routine, part of it I think is just Cece getting older. Also, I love hearing about other peoples routines, either in a blog or video format,… Continue reading A day in the life with a 5 month old…


Beauty DIYs (body, hair and face)

I love my beauty products, but some of them can be really expensive, especially if you want to use them on a regular basis. Being a mum now, I still want to take care of myself , so from time to time I will either have a pamper session or I`ll just do the odd… Continue reading Beauty DIYs (body, hair and face)

Wish I knew this...

Wish I knew this…when breastfeeding

Disclaimer: this is probably going to be a bit controversial and may ruffle some feathers but to be honest, this is my blog and this was my experience, so read this with an open mind. Also as this is about breastfeeding, prepare yourself with a lot of TMI stuff!!! This post is to continue with… Continue reading Wish I knew this…when breastfeeding

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November favourites

As it is the last day of November, it is only fitting that I talk about, what I have been loving this month. I will be covering: makeup, skincare, music, food, films, tv shows, books and random stuff that I`ve been loving. Some of these things I have only discovered this month, others have been… Continue reading November favourites


Baby must-haves & misses

I am sure as a new mum or even one who already has kids, it`s very easy to follow the hype of a product, but every baby is different, which means that if a product did work for one baby, it might not for another. So here I am going to list all of the… Continue reading Baby must-haves & misses


My skincare routine + minimalistic makeup

As I am getting a bit older, I have been trying to take better care of my skin. I have always had acne prone, more on the oily side skin type, so over the years I have figured out what are the best things for my skin. Even though I have my skin under control… Continue reading My skincare routine + minimalistic makeup


Wish I knew this… when pregnant

There are things that I probably should have done differently during my pregnancy. Worked out or been a bit more active Had healthier food choices Taken better care of my skin and not given up Had so much more water   These are just a few things I maybe should have done to help with… Continue reading Wish I knew this… when pregnant